Innovative labor tracking implementation wins client best practices award

Block scheduling and cross training program results in 20% labor reduction

Aggressive schedule manages 12 week ERP implementation

Redefined product design methodology reduces overhead by 30%

Custom data analysis tool saves private equity firm $2M

Why Hire a Consultant

Consultants bring 4 key elements to the change process

  • Specific skills in evaluating the return on investment
  • First hand experience with Best Practices
  • Additional management resources
  • Cross-functional authority

Evaluating return on investment

Consultants have specific expertise in evaluating the costs (in terms of both time and money) as well as the return on investment for initiatives. This assures that resources are focussed on the initiatives that will have the greatest impact to the bottom line.

Experience with best practices

Consultants have experience in a wide range of industries facing a broad spectrum of challenges. Working with the client team, consultants draw on this first hand experience with best-in-class solutions to identify the best path forward to resolve the organization’s specific issues.

Additional management resources

Consultants augment the client’s existing management team and provide dedicated project management for the change initiatives. This ensures that the organization does not lose focus on current business during the change process.

Cross-functional authority

Consultants have the cross-functional authority necessary to implement integrated solutions. This allows the organization to solve complex problems by addressing multiple functional areas concurrently.