3x reduction of work in process for marine manufacturer

Client Overview

The client was a low volume producer of high value consumer products. Cycle time was on the order of four weeks per unit. They had very poor inventory control and suffered from part shortages, excess inventory and high scrap rates. Despite the long manufacturing cycle time, all material was procured for the start of each unit.

Our Involvement

We were brought in to help improve profitability. We implemented an inventory control system with discrete locations for inventory. We reduced the kit size from 1 week of work to 1 day of work. We developed a software program to track work orders and kitting requirements. We established task specific standards and developed an automated schedule. We implemented controls for issue of additional material and for root cause analysis of scrap.

The Result

In addition to providing the client with visibility of their inventory, we provided them with tools for activity based planning. We reduced the amount of WIP by a factor of three and dramatically reduced both the scrap rate as well as the incidence of part shortages.

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