Matias Garcia

Matias Garcia is a graduate engineer from San Diego State University and completed his master degree in business administration at the University of Phoenix. He has over 15 years of experience leading companies in their lean transformation journey.

Throughout his professional career, Mr. Garcia has formulated lean strategies, conducted hundreds of kaizen events, trained and coached hundreds of employees resulting in millions of savings. Prior to consulting Mr. Garcia worked for small companies generating 12M a year with 100 employees through large Fortune 500 corporations generating billions of dollars with 36,000 employees worldwide. He also has significant experience in quality system regulation (QSR) and international standards organization (ISO) requirements for medical products. Mr. Garcia lived in Mexico during his primary education and attended University courses. Mr. Garcia bi-cultural nature gives him a significant advantage during lean transformation in California and Mexico.

Mr. Garcia has helped companies saved millions of dollars. During the first three month of his most recent assignment, Mr. Garcia helped his employer improved gross profit margins by 20%, first pass yields and productivity by 50%, and reduced scrap from 100K to 50K a month, while developing a positive work atmosphere and a culture of continuous improvement. In another assigment, Mr. Garcia helped a supplier located in Mexico reduce lead time by 60%, cycle time by 20%, work in progress by 52%, and increased quality by 33% increase in supplier quality.

Mr. Garcia’s assignments include:

  • Ophthonix, Inc. as a manufacturing engineering and lean manager.
  • Breg, Inc. as production manager, lean manager, manufacturing engineering manager, and value stream manager.
  • Unisys, Inc. as lean manufacturing engineer.
  • Cerprobe, Inc. as pc board designer.
  • Rainbird, Inc. as irrigation system designer.

Other significant training that Mr. Garcia has completed include Leadership Effectiveness Program, EDI; Kaizen Promotion Office Certification, TBM; Warehouse/Distribution Certification, LEI (Toyota); Demand Flow Technology Certification, JCIT; Lean Manufacturing Certification, San Diego State University; and Demand Flow Manufacturing Certification, Stratotech Inc.