Lean Manufacturing

Brass Rat Consulting is excited to be working with Matias Garcia, an expert in Lean Manufacturing. This relationship extends our services to include training seminars in addition to consulting services. Our one week seminars are designed to educate clients in Lean manufacturing methodology and implementation techniques. We also offer comprehensive programs designed to improve profitability, reduce waste, and increase visibility through application of lean techniques. Our programs involve all levels of the organization and are cross functional to ensure that the change is sustainable. Please see our services section for more information.

One Week Seminars

We offer the following one week seminars designed to educate clients in Lean manufacturing methodology and implementation techniques:

  • Lean basics and simulation – Introduction to key lean concepts. The seminar includes a demonstration of how lean is applied.
  • Advanced Toolbox – Training on advanced concepts including takt time, smed, dmaic and pdca
  • Kaizen events – Focused sessions to address specific issues within the organization

Lean Implementation

Our lean implementation programs include:

  • Value stream mapping – Hands on evaluation of existing processes including development of visual process flow maps.
  • 5S program & visual workplace – Structured, straight forward program designed to simplify the workspace. The program includes tools to ensure sustainability and is developed with input from the shop floor.
  • Visual Material Management – Evaluation of current material management processes and transition to visual Kanban system.
  • Lean Manufacturing processes redesign – Evaluation of existing process and transition from batch processing to single piece flow

Services Overview


Our involvement falls into two categories; stabilizing existing operations and assisting companies through major change (like following an acquisition or during a facility consolidation or move). In all cases we believe in making sure that management and employees have clear and timely visibility of the key process indicators for the organization. The services we provide include:

  • Transition guidance and support
  • Process change implementation
  • ERP/MRP implementation support
  • Outsourced management
  • Processes evaluation and resolution of issues
  • Organizational evaluation and restructuring
  • Development of management tools to improve visibility
  • Development of KPI (key process indicator) tracking tools
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Scrap/rework reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • IT issue resolution
  • Overhead reduction
  • Labor content reduction
  • Key employee recruitment
  • Personnel relations
  • Facility move/expansion evaluation and planning